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We at Chico Bike and Board pride ourselves on being a bit different than most shops you visit. We have a very relaxed non-intimidating and friendly atmosphere where we encourage questions and love to help. We know where all the great rides are and have great commuter maps. We are open 7 DAYS A WEEK 10 AM to 6 PM.

We are fun loving, boisterous, playful and funny, but very mature for our age! We are very knowledgeable about bikes and skateboards. We like to ride, go to and sponsor bike related events, fix bikes, and have sales. We also enjoy servicing our customers and making people happy. We opened the doors to Chico Bike and Board at 845 Main Street (530-343-5506) on April 1st, 1996 (no foolin).

How to Review and give us Feedback

If your experience with Chico Bike and Board was great, we would be honored if you would give us a 5-star review. It only takes a minute, and you will be helping others discover our services. To write a review just go to our Review Page » and follow the instructions. We appreciate our customers and are very open to feedback! Please take the time to take our short survey, it's only five questions, and will assist us in making changes to the shop or keeping things the way you like them: Click here to take survey »

Safekeeping Your Bike Program

A Message from the owner Brian Daellenbach

In Our Store, we have a large selection of bikes, skateboards, and other merchandise to fit your needs. Please take a look at our slideshow to see what is avaialbe now!

Attention Students, Store Your Bike and Keep it Safe!

Ever hear of someone coming back from winter, spring or summer break to find their bike has been stomped to pieces or ripped off because they did not have a safe place to store it? Worse yet, has it ever happened to you? Chico Bike & Board can help! We can store your bike over break where it will be safe and out of the weather.
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Buyback Program

Need to sell your bike?

One of the advantages of getting your bike from Chico Bike & Board, especially for students is our guaranteed buy back program. You can come in as a freshman and choose the bike you want and then ride it around for 4 years and then sell it back to us when you graduate. We then resale it to a new freshman next fall! It’s a cool way to re-cycle and get some scratch for doin’ it! Call us at 530-343-5506 or contact Brian for more information.

Recycle Your Old Bike

Have an old bike you need to get rid of?

Chico Bike and Board is designated as a Chico Bike Recycle center. Bring your old bike by and we will recycle it for you. Call us at 530-343-5506 or contact Brian for more information.